Climbing Frame

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The Climbing Frame, is inspired by the Pikler Triangle. We followed the same principles that Dr. Emmi Pikler used when we created this new climbing frame that follows the same parenting philosophy that’s ideal for developing gross motor skills for crawling babies up to children aged 5 years.

Pikler was a Hungarian Pediatrician who developed a new theory of child development in the 1930s/40s, based on allowing the child to move freely and to develop at their own pace. This means parents and caregivers do not put the child into any position the child cannot get into by themselves. This is often a hard thing to do as a parent, when you want to make sure your child meets the next official milestone 'on time.' It also means giving kids the opportunity to learn how their bodies can move, and climb.


Our foldable Climbing Frame is one of the most versatile and important structures to have in the home for developing gross motor skills.


  • It allows crawling babies to discover their physical abilities and learn all about what their different body parts can do.
  • Encourages cruising babies to develop and to use their own muscles to pull themselves up, instead of being assisted. 
  • An appropriate structure for energetic toddlers to practice and perfect their various motor abilities, and giving them the wonderful sense of empowerment and personal achievement (instead of scaling the cupboards!).
  • Our two-sided ramp is great for crawling babies and toddlers to level up their game!
  • Social skills - allowing a few children to learn to work and play together.
Given a child’s imagination, the climbing structure and the ramp can have many uses originally not designed for. For example, it can be a house, a tunnel or maybe a cave? The possibilities are infinite!


The construction of our Climbing Frames are painstakingly crafted by highly skilled and experienced carpenters here in Singapore. The improved joinery promises incredible stability and strength. Maximum stress weight is 70kgs (154lbs). The Climbing Frame is built to last for a very long time.

The Climbing Frame and Ramp should be used on an appropriate surface and under adult supervision only.


    • Foldable and comes with a two-sided ramp
    • Climbing Frame Dimensions: 75cm Wide x 82cm Depth x 83cm Height
    • Ramp Dimensions: 35cm Wide x 120cm Long
    • Made with European Birch Plywood & Solid Ash rods
    • Maximum stress weight, 70kg
    • Crafted by Carpenters in Singapore, built to last.