BusyBoardies are activity boards for curious babies and toddlers that encourage self-directed play.


Each board is hand-built in Singapore by a Mum with a design background. We carefully chose all board items with consideration given to its interaction with a child. BusyBoardies are suitable for babies and toddlers from the moment they can sit up unassisted. But because of the nature of some removable items, children should be supervised by an adult at all times.

It started with one Mother’s quest to build an activity board for her daughter, and after lots of positive feedback from friends and requests to buy, we decided to offer our BusyBoardies for other parents.

While researching, what was out there, we found a common problem was a lack of a clear design theme: boards with too many different colours, messy layouts that scream for attention and a general sense of being ‘too’ busy. We wanted to make something special, easy on the eyes with complimentary colour schemes and clarity of the layout, so the communication between object and child is clearer.


• Interaction with the board encourages fine motor skills

• Every item is checked, every detail considered

• Boards made with care & love

• Colour-themed Design

• Customisable with Child’s Name

• Discovering everyday objects

• Keeps them busy while you take a breather!

Please take note that because our boards are individually hand-crafted and not mass produced, small imperfections are natural and make each board unique. We sometimes also find ourselves out-of-stock with certain items - when that happens we will replace it with something similar. We love making each board, so please forgive us if an edge has a slight bend or a corner is not exactly 90 degrees.

Our boards are also painted and assembled at home where we have 2 dogs and a curious cat. While we take care to remove any stray fur that falls onto our boards during production, if you do find any on your board, it means it’s been personally inspected by one of our fuzzy quality review team!