Toddler Tower (Limited time Pre-Order)

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Limited time Toddler Tower Pre-orders are now open.

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for Toddler Towers to be manufactured.

We only have only NATURAL platforms available.

The Toddler Tower lets children interact with adults, creating an accessible home for little ones, perfect for young Montessori families.

Perfect for use in the Kitchen where toddlers can be Mommy or Daddy’s helper - kids love to be involved! It helps them learn, builds confidence, encourages independence, and most importantly - feel included.

The Toddler Tower offers Solid Stability. It is made from super durable and beautiful Birch Plywood, measures 45cm x 45cm x 92.5cm (the same floor area as a dining chair) and weighs at 11kg, this piece of furniture is built to last. There is also the option for extra tip-resistant feet. However, older and more confident toddlers don’t need this. 

The Adjustable Height Platform feature of the Toddler Tower grows with your child! Recommend for Toddlers aged 15 months to 4 years old.

Varnished finish of the Toddler Tower makes clean-up a breeze. Bring on the dramatic spills!

Maximum Stress: 50kg

  • Measures 45cm x 45cm x 92.5cm (without footer), the same floor area as a dining chair
  • Weighs 11kg, this offers solid stability and makes it less likely to tip with a confident climber
  • Adjustable height platform to create optimum height for your child. Requires no tools
  • Varnished finish that is easy to clean
  • Optional extra support tip-resistant feet. Older and more confident toddlers don’t need this
  • Made with Birch Plywood - stronger and more stable than regular plywood
  • Built to Last
  • Maximum stress limit 50kg
  • Proudly Singaporean Made

Choose your coloured platform from our range of gender neutral colours!