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Type: Quiet Book

Oh Boy! Everyday Routine

Recommended age: 24 months and above

Wherever you are, you only need a flat surface, the size of a handkerchief, to start playing with this lightweight, portable, fabric based, handmade, 100% sewn quiet book.

Oh Boy! is a great start point to talk about everyday routines and recreate them. The “let’s see what we do all day” kinds.

The book opens up to the little boy’s home that is sweet, modest and full of love. He can be moved from page to page while playing pretend and almost every page has a pocket to hold him – the bed, bathtub, dining table and chair for example. Considering children hold special interest in logistics, that they love searching through small pockets, packing things in and out and carefully hiding their treasures, the book has been designed to include lots of pockets .. disguised ones too.

Cover Page – Are you considering moving into this beautifully crafted house made of fabric and felt? What are you waiting for then? The window on this page can be doubled up as a photo slot to store a passport size photograph.

Page 1
On opening the book, you will find the bedroom with a bed on the left.
The window holds a detachable Sun and Star that depicts Day and Night. A comfortable bed, pillow and night lamp on the bedside table completes the warm setting of the room.

Page 2 and 3
While on the brush and bath page, you can get the little boy to brush, bath and dry himself.

Page 4
The dress up page! Zip and unzip the jacket for some zipping practice. Three pairs of dresses to dress up the boy and play pretend.

Page 5 and 6
Meal time! Learn to use the spoon, fork and knife.
Play pretend with the fruits, plate and cup.
Lace up the shoe (learn to tie, untie, knot) and off you go – park, school ..

All of the parts of this book are handmade. At the end of the book is a zipper pocket – a place for everything so there aren’t loose pieces to keep track of when putting them away.

Size: 21.5 x 21.5 x 9 cms

100% sewn and EN71 certified