While researching, what was out there, we found a common problem was a lack of a clear design theme: boards with too many different colours, messy layouts that scream for attention and a general sense of being ‘too’ busy. We wanted to make something special, easy on the eyes with complimentary colour schemes, so the communication between object and child is clear.


My daughter has been playing with the double board every day since it was delivered. She loves exploring the various aspects of the board and her favourite part is the whistle. The board is well made and sturdy.


I purchased the busy board for my daughters 1st birthday and she loves it! I am so pleased with how it encourages her curiosity and supports her development - within an hour she was putting the balls through the tube and honking the horn. Embarrassingly I had left the order very last minute so was thrilled when Elena said she could deliver for me the next day - such amazing service and was really appreciated!

Rachael Adamson

Have always wanted a busy board, but I am not good with DIY at all, and am glad to find out about busy boardies based in SG! The board is very well made, good use of space with variety of activities, and while I wish there are add ons that we can buy for swapping, it is not difficult to DIY other activities that we may want to add. Finn really love exploring with it, and it entertains him for spell of time, each time he walks past the board. I just wish I have bought the board earlier when he 6 months, instead of 18 months, but even at 18 months, he loves it and its interesting enough to occupy him! Thanks!!


My busyboard came as pretty as I expected :). I had a red pushlight instead of the usual white one on a purple board, and it was such a beautiful pop of colour that complemented the red balls! (Now I'm secretly glad Elena ran out of white pushlights!) My LO is barely 18mths old, and can only manage certain parts of the board (the lock and zip are still too difficult for her). But that's the beauty of the board, it grows with the child. My LO couldn't on the pushlight herself in the beginning, but she managed it after a few tries -- the look of satisfaction on that face just made my day. She is working hard on the whistle now, and has managed a much louder sound than when she just started. She is also finding different ways to play with the balls and pipe! Looking forward to the day she finally figures out how to zip/unzip freely and lock/unlock the padlock! This board will be growing with my LO! Thanks Elena!

Ee Lynn

My only regret is that I didn't get to buy it earlier for my first 2 sons! Having a 3rd child means they usually get hand me down toys but since I didn't have a busy board before (had always wanted hub to make one but he never had time) I simply had to get one for my baby gal, & since she's my last baby, she gets her name on it! It's a great exploration board for the kids. Yes now the 2 older brothers are playing with her toy too. I have yet to expose my gal to it yet as I'm waiting for her to sit independently to enjoy it better, but I'm sure she will spend lotsa time with it. The board is nicely made & it definitely beats waiting for daddy to make one, cos the kids would have graduated by then!

Joey Lam

Our board was intended to be for our youngest. However, it turned out that all 4 of our kids love playing with it! I love that the boards used are thick and solid, and that a lot of thought goes into designing and making boards that are safe, interesting, and very good-looking!

Jus Tay

We LOVE our BusyBoard! It is the only “toy” that is allowed permanently in my living room as it is a beautiful object extremely well made with a great attention to detail. You can pick up the colors that match the best your interior!
It was meant originally for my 18 month-old son but my 5 year-old daughter loves it too and play often with it, finding new creative ways to enjoy it. Great buy that we’re still enjoying every day for the past 6 months!

Maguelonne Rousseau

The busyboard is a versatile toy and has captivated my son’s interest since the beginning. It has also proved to evolve with time (the detachable light is now a phone too!) and to offer plenty of opportunities to acquire new skills as he grows. As a parent, I quite enjoy the design of the personalized board we have in our living room and appreciate the care and attention put into making it.

Patricia Zot Da Cruz

We first received this lovely board when our Son was 10 months old! It was such a hit with him from the beginning, and he is still playing with it at 13 months! Beautiful to watch him transition through all the tasks as he improves on his fine motor skills. From being unable to perform a task, to being able to do so, then improvising on his own. So much detail and care taken into crafting this board, it is a wonderful toy that will grow with your child. Big thumbs up!

Josephine Lo